3 Secrets Top Level Athletes are Using in Austin to Train Harder and Recover Quicker

What are the common things you associate with injuries? Pain, time off, deconditioning, and the insanity of not being able to train are just a few things that come to mind.  Don’t waste the valuable time you spend training by allowing injuries to pop up halfway through the training season.  Now I know you’re asking yourself “What can I do to prevent these injuries from creeping up?”  I’m going to fill you in on the 3 secrets that elites athletes are using to train harder and recover quicker.

“I love the unique approach and techniques Nick uses.  His style of massage is effective and allows me to quickly recover without leaving sore and feeling beat after, which I appreciate.  His professionalism and level of detail is what keeps me coming back”
-Jared Carson 2016 3M Half Marathon Champion

1. K-Laser Therapy.  K-Laser Therapy is a powerful class 4 therapeutic laser that helps with pain management while healing soft tissue injuries.  Class 4 lasers can target tissue several inches into the body that would otherwise be hard to treat.  It activates the cellular healing response in the tissues by stimulating each cell to produce more ATP(the body’s energy currency) for repair.  It can penetrate deeply through the skin and effectively reach the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and even bone to bring more ATP and oxygen to hard to reach areas.  This helps relax the tissues bringing more blood flow to that area which promotes healing, reduces inflammation, and reduces pain. This is effective in treating both acute and chronic problem areas.

2. Rapid Release High Speed Vibrational Therapy.  This kind of release therapy combines the benefits of a Vibe Plate with the specificity of Trigger Point Therapy.  This technique remodels scar tissue formations and adhesions quicker than manual massage alone, cutting down on treatment time and allowing other types of therapy during your treatment.  Both injuries and repetitive exercise can produce these adhesions and scar tissue in and around your muscles.  High speed vibrational therapy works by restructuring this scar tissue which leaves your body feeling fresh, lighter, with less pain and with a greater range of motion.

3. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy. Massage therapy is used to lengthen the muscle tissue and increase circulation. I combine myofascial release techniques with deep tissue massage to target specific stress patterns created by exercise.  Specific deep massage strokes are used to smooth out problem areas in the muscle and fascia. This can help resolve any tight areas or areas of spasm that are interfering with your workouts causing you discomfort.

“Nick’s treatments are essential to my training.  If I miss my weekly session I can definitely feel things start to tighten and stiffen up.”
-Natalie Moos Olympic Trials Qualifier 1500m

The combination of these three unique therapies combined into one treatment allows us to provide the benefits of traditional deep tissue therapy without days of soreness afterwards.  It’s never too late to be proactive in your recovery you just have to take the first steps. Sports massage is the best tool you can use, especially when combined with these other unique modalities. Each of these therapies can be extremely beneficial to your training program so combining them amplifies the healing potential allowing you to get back to activity faster. Click here to schedule your treatment today. 

Nick Picchetti L.M.T.


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