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Are you having feelings of tightness or pain?

These signals can be your body’s warning signs that negative changes are occurring throughout some of your soft tissue!

Integrative Sports Massage specializes in restoring and improving the movement of your body by improving flexibility, strength, and your posture. Treatment includes hands on therapy and at home education. Nick may use any or all of the following techniques: myofascial release, thai massage, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular release, AMT, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue.

Maintenance Work

Maintenance work is a regular scheduled 1 hour appointment that addresses any problem areas or specific sport related stress patterns. This regular occurring appointment can help in many ways like discovering where injuries could be forming and increasing overall recovery. Usually I suggest one appointment every 2-6 weeks if your activity level is moderate to high. If you are more proactive with rolling and stretching then 3-6 weeks. Burnout, injuries, and over-training are often the results of not contributing enough to recovery and self care.

Some Reasons To Make An Appointment

  • to help reduce or relieve your pain
  • to improve movement by increasing flexibility and range of motion of the tissues
  • regaining mobility after surgery
  • chronic pain
  • chronic stress
  • strains / sprains
  • regain mobility after significant limb immobilization [cast, boot, or brace]
  • starting a new fitness routine or sport and you want to steer clear of injuries
  • maintain a current training routine and feel great doing it

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Effects of Integrative Sports Massage


Blood Circulation

  • Increase blood flow to the skin and muscular tissue
  • Increase blood oxidation levels
  • Increase red and white blood cell and platelet counts
  • Decreases heart rate, blood pressure, and variations in heart rate

Lymphatic System

  • Helps with lymphatic drainage
  • Reduce edema and lymphedema
  • Promotes immune system health and function

Musculoskeletal System

  • Decrease tension within the muscle-tendon unit
  • Increase range of motion
  • Decrease delayed onset muscle soreness

Connective Tissues

  • Increase fibroblast activity in the tissues
  • Improve scar tissue formation
  • Assist in the treatment of tendinitis
  • Helpful in pain reduction including symptoms of fibromyalgia

Nervous System

  • Increase serotonin and dopamine
  • Improve Sleep
  • Decreases stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Improve cognitive and memory functioning
  • Activate parasympathetic response

Endocrine System

  • Influence levels of multiple hormones
  • Influence production/absorption of insulin


  • Be effective in reducing scaring after burns
  • Decrease symptoms of eczema and other skin conditions

 *These effects are what we currently know about this type of therapy.  All the data here comes from 3rd party research. It is vital for therapists to stay up to date on all current and new knowledge and be able to share this knowledge with patients.  [S. Salvo]